Complete abattoir and cutting services

Licensed to slaughter cattle, sheep and pigs. Our MHS monitored abattoir services extend to farmers, small holders, hobbyists and individuals. Being able to slaughter any number of animals, we can offer a unique service to farmers, small holders, hobby farmers and individuals.

Being a small low throughput abattoir gives us a number of advantages over the large scale abattoirs:

After slaughtering, carcases are matured, cut, packaged and boxed ready for freezing. Clients may specify hanging, cutting and package labelling requirements (labels to be provided by the client).

With pork, clients can choose from various types of sausage, ham joints, gammon joints, back bacon, streaky bacon etc. If smoking is required, this can be arranged by us with Chirk Smokery.

We are able to provide facilities for Halal slaughtering; however the client will need to provide a licensed Hahal Priest.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.